Dong Thap enterprises overcome difficulties

On the afternoon of January 20th, 2022, the Provincial People’s Committee held a business meeting to celebrate the Spring of the Tiger 2022 and commended Dong Thap province 2021 “Typical Enterprises”, “Typical Small and Medium Enterprises” and “Dynamic and Creative Entrepreneurs”.

The meeting was attended by Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee – Le Quoc Phong, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee/Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council – Phan Van Thang, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee – Pham Thien Nghia and Vice Chairman – Huynh Minh Tuan Provincial People’s Committee

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee – Le Quoc Phong, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee – Pham Thien Nghia awarded the title of “Outstanding Enterprise” to 27 enterprises.

This is an annual activity maintained by the province to encourage, commend businesses and entrepreneurs who have been creative and dynamic, especially in overcoming difficulties in the pandemic Covid-19, contributing to the successful implementation of social-economic development tasks in 2021.

Find opportunity in danger.

In 2021, despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, with the flexibility to adapt to overcome difficulties, basic production and business activities will be maintained, without disrupting to businesses industrial chain. Up to now, 591/601 enterprises have re-operated (reaching 98.3%). Enterprises not only improve the value of industrial production, but also meet market demand, boosting the province’s import and export turnover of goods to a high level compared to the same period in 2020 (exports increased by 12.2%). imports increased by 37.4%).

Always paying special attention to businesses, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee – Pham Thien Nghia said that: from the difficult times, many businesses and production facilities have come up with new ways to do things and solve the lack of business. human resources, some companies choose to increase machine efficiency, choose to have a reward policy, retain employees with sincerity and sharing.

Enterprises have self-reliantly searched for markets, new products, new ways to maintain and stabilize production, waiting for the opportunity to bounce back after the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. Entrepreneurs actively innovate, create, maintain production, bring economic value to the province, create jobs for tens of thousands of workers during the 4th Covid-19 epidemic, contribute to recovery and develop Social-economic.

In addition, the business community and investors of the province have made many materials and spiritual contributions to continue accompanying, sharing and joining hands with the government in epidemic prevention and control, supporting the vaccine fund Covid-19 prevention, medical equipment and social security support for the province – Mr. Pham Thien Nghia acknowledged and praised the spirit of the business for the community.

Notably, after a year of many difficulties, many organizations and individuals “find opportunities in danger”, won the title of “Dynamic and creative entrepreneur”, “Outstanding enterprise”, “Vietnamese businesswoman” Outstanding male – Golden Rose Cup”, “Prestigious import-export enterprise”. Dat Sen Hong entrepreneurs not only leave their marks on the domestic market but also strongly develop to the world.

Entrepreneurs share their plans and expectations for success in the new year

Firmly reaching out to the great sea

According to the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, in 2021, Dong Thap has received many encouraging signals such as: Developing 490 newly established enterprises with a total capital of more than 4,248 billion VND; The province has approved the policy/granted investment registration certificates for 26 projects with a total registered capital of VND 3,370 billion, of which, there are 02 FDI projects with a total investment capital of VND 765 billion.

In addition, many projects have been promoted and implemented: central area, commercial services and housing of T&T Group, Nova Group proposed the planning and development of Mekong Smart City smart city project. This shows that Dong Thap has a favorable environment, ready to arouse development potentials for potential investors. New investors are joining forces with existing businesses, creating new energy and vitality for the province’s economy – Mr. Pham Thien Nghia affirmed.

Congratulating and praising the achievements that entrepreneurs and businesses have achieved in recent years, the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee emphasized, entrepreneurs are the most beautiful mirror of Dong Thap homeland.

“Striving for 2022 to be the year of victory over the epidemic; economic recovery and development”, the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee said that this is also the time when the role of entrepreneurs and businesses must be promoted to the highest. Although there are still many difficulties and challenges ahead, with the lessons learned in the past two difficult years, the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee believes that entrepreneurs are always firm on the journey to the big sea. .

Recognizing the positive contributions of businesses and entrepreneurs Dat Sen Hong, on this occasion, 26 individuals received the title of “Dynamic and Creative Entrepreneur”, 27 units received the title of “Typical Enterprise”, 30 applications Received the title of “Typical small and medium-sized enterprise” in Dong Thap province in 2021.



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