Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the perception of Rice Bran Oil globally, with our modern production line and highly professional and skilled workforce.

Our Mission

We care to always serve outstanding products and by-products to our customers always and also to ensure good cardiovascular and overall health to the customers. 

Our Values

Based on our rich business lineage, we have a keen commitment to add immense value to our community and environment through innovation. These values will continue to direct the growth and business of our company.

Our Culture

Our safe and modern infrastructure is conducive to all our employees and colleagues: the young as well as the experienced. We have carefully planned and executed a professional yet warm environment with like-minded associates and vendors who also strive for perfection. 

Our Premises

Our utmost focus on hygiene across our company premises make it a more comfortable, healthy and enthusiastic working atmosphere for our guests, employees, and workers alike.

We are one of the leading producers of Rice Bran Oil (RBO or Rice Oil) in the world.

Our Production Process

Countless businesses rely on Sethia Hemraj Rice Oil Company Limited (SHROCL) for quality products and by-products they can trust.The Mekong Delta of Vietnam flaunts its freshest Rice Paddy. Our RBO is manufactured with exceptional technologies available today and with the best care. That’s why our production team never cuts corners, and takes the time, effort and resources necessary to ensure all products reach our high standards. Our manufacturing technology has been perfected through years of testing and improvement.

Our Cutting-Edge Technologies and Superior Lab Testing and Quality Control 

SHROCL has employed the most advanced high-tech technologies and machineries from India and Europe for extracting and refining Rice Bran Oil. These empower us to supply the best quality RBO, De-oiled Rice Bran and other by-products across markets all over the globe.Our spacious state-of-the-art Laboratory and Testing set up speaks to the superlative precision we always strive to achieve.


Our Sustainability goal

Minimized carbon footprint of our manufactured products.Opting for biomass steam production highlights our decreased dependence on heavy oil.Moreover, as the steam produced is of high quality, even the finished products display higher quality. Even the extrusion and drying processes are at their optimal level. Efficient flue gas treatment for filtration demonstrates SHROCL’s commitment towards sustainable environment and encouraging utilization of renewable sources of energy for the betterment of the society.

Our Efficiency standpoint

We are passionate about improvisation and creativity, because we believe that it’s the best way to grow organically. Hence, we are adopting a 5S approach (sort, straighten, shine, sense for order, self-discipline) that is synonymous with highest efficiency and quality throughout the site.


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