At present, on the market there are many rice producers, many customers meet problems when searching for production units and providing prestige. Here are answers to some questions for customers who want to learn about rice bran oil.

1. What is rice bran oil?

Rice Bran Oil is one of the best oils in the world for human health and is appreciated by nutritionists likewise. It is a unique vegetable oil produced from rice bran which is a soft brown layer of paddy.

2. Is Rice Bran Oil good?

Rice Bran Oil contains some components such as vitamin e, phytosterols and especially the rich gamma oryzanol which absorbs bad cholesterol. Many customers started using Rice Bran Oil when it came to its superior performance, especially for many of its notable regarding cardiovascular health.
RBO is a value-added product of rice bran. We have a keen commitment to adding value to the entire chain – starting with increase in revenue for the farmers in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

Cardiovascular protection

Rice oil contains abundant content of gamma-oryzanol "golden nutrients" that help protect cardiovascular health.

Anti-Oncological Properties

The oil components can reduce the risk of cancer and its recurrence.


Rice Bran Oil prevents bowel absorption of bad cholesterol from food, thereby slowing the process of aging.

Fat equilibrium

The proportion of fatty acids in rice bran oil is equivalent to the specifications provided by WHO which is required for healthy living.

Helps in Weight Loss

Despite high calorie content, rice has been proven to help reduce obesity

Whiten skin

Rice oil contains vitamin e and gamma - oryzanol, which has the effect of bleaching skin, protecting the body from ultraviolet rays.

3. What is De-Oiled Rice Bran (DORB or DOB)

De oiled Rice bran is obtained after extraction of crude oil from Rice Bran. De-Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) is an important ingredient for cattle, poultry, fishy culture and pig feeds. DORB is the key to wholesome development of livestock.

4. How is De-oiled Rice Bran better than Fresh Rice Bran?

Main Health Benefits Of De Oiled Rice Bran

5. Why choose us?

The pandemic posed terrible teething troubles during the construction phase (disturbed logistics for machinery importing, bringing 49 Indian experts from India to Vietnam) and production trail phase (managing food and accommodation for a bi-cultural team of 150, labor shortage, raw material and related materials shortage delaying our trial completion, low demand especially for our imperfect trail product). While it was a massive learning curve tackling the above in Vietnamese language and we are now equipped with the skills of running 70+ day quarantine touch-me-not ‘serviced’ hotels and refugee camps lasting 100+ days respectively; we have not had to change our growth ambitions, thankfully. We see a clear happy post-pandemic green light!
Sethia Hemraj Rice Bran Oil Co. Ltd. specializes in producing and exporting its oil globally. We maintain highest efficiency and quality throughout the site. With modern production state-of-the-art technology together with many years of experience, and most professional staff, Sethia Hamraj Rice Bran Oil Co. Ltd. is proud to bring to our customers quality products, ensuring best quality and highest nutrition content.
Opting for biomass steam production highlights our decreased dependence on heavy oil. Moreover, as the steam produced is of high quality, even the finished products display higher quality. Even the extrusion and drying processes are at their optimal level. Efficient flue gas treatment for filtration demonstrates SHROCL’s commitment towards sustainable environment goal and encouraging utilization of renewable sources of energy for the betterment of the society.

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